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Top tools to backup and manage your Social Networks

Tools: Managing Social media backup
          Now-a-days social media plays the vital role in the e-market,not only these social media connects the people but also its used to share their views and most of the technologies and news were speard by using this social media only so vunerability is one of the annoying one in this social media.So to safe gaurd our very have a maintan the Strong password for our account and not only that incase if future anything may happen like your account can  hacked inorder to restore that you have to backup your profile.So it very important  to backup your data for disaster recovery.So here are somebackuptools to safegaurd your data. By this you can have the backup of your social media in your local desktop itself.

Handling Multiple Social Media backup:

   This is the tool which is used to take backup of your multiple social media account like Facebook ,Twitter and your personal websites and blogs. This is the consolidated one so by can handle mulitple social media backup in a single console.
(Download Backupify)


   By  This below tools you can backup your facebook you can also use the Default Facebook Backup which is embedded in the Facebook itself if you want to specify your backup list you can use the tools.

 It is the one of the best tools to backup the facebook.
Download Socialsafe

Archive facebook
  This is the firefox Add-ons to have a backup of your facebook.
Download Archive book


Tweet backup
   This is the tools to backup all your tweets and your twitter settings.
Download Tweet backup

The Archivist
This is also similar tool as tweet backup.
Download Archivist

Blog Backup:

   To have a backup of your blog you can use any of the tools by this you can have a backup of your post,comments and as weel as setting.By this you can restore in future.


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