Thursday, March 10, 2011

Client server methodologies

A few decades back while trying to communicate and share the data with other computers they developed the concept of networking.In this they introduced Client server model. The difference between the client and the server is the client will send the request and the server will respond to it. Not only the above case, there is a separate operating for client and the server. The client server methodologies falls into the below categories
Centralized processing
In the centralized processing there is a Centralized server each and every request will be sent to the centralized server and the request will be processed and the in turn server will respond to the client.In this case more bandwidth will be utilized so they went for distributed procession.
Distributed processing
In distributed processing there will be distributed servers to handle each and every request .For example separate server for web application ,DHCP ,DNS ,ADS .In this methodology there are two classification

Peer to Peer
In the peer to peer computing all the system will be connected to each other there will not be dedicated server when the system responds to the request then it will acts as a server when it send the request that time it will acts as a client ( i.e.) each and every system will acts as a client server.
Client server
In this methodology there will be a server either it may be a Microsoft or Linux or else UNIX operating system server and each server will be having it own clients these servers will respond to their clients requests.

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