Saturday, December 10, 2011

Use Your Flashdrive as secondary hard drive

Why can't we use the OS from Flash drive memory
          There is another cool tip by this you can run the linux operating system from your USB drive.So if you  want to use the dual operating system in your PC or else in laptop, and you dont wish go with dual boot and you are annoying with the space related issues so don't worry there is a cool tip by this you can install and run Linux operating from your USB flash drive itself this  is a Ubuntu live by this you can configure your wireless and you can use your internet or else you can do check the performance tuning with Linux. So by this we can reduce the space problem and other kind of stuff.
  There are many linux flavours so are going to use the falavour of ubuntu with this for using this ubuntu we should have at least 1 gb pendrive.So lets see how we can install it in flash drive we can use it.
Step 1
Download the desktop 32 bit ubuntu ISO file installer and the universal USB installer from the internet.In this
the Ubuntu desktop installer for Operating setup and the USB installer for installing the ubuntu in the USB.

Step 2
Double click the USB installer and after accepting the licence aggrement select ubuntu 11.04 from the
drop down list box as shown in the picture below

Step 3
And after that click browse and  select the path for the ISO image of the ubuntu operaing system which has been downloaded.

And if u want to select the particular drive letter for this USB drive then select the drive letter and check the we will format
dont forget to select the persistance file size as 0MB  and click the create button

Step 5
And finally confirm the installation , after this the installation process for linux in the USB flash drive will be started.

Booting via Flash drive.
  Before going to use the operating system in the Flash drive ensure that make the setting in the BIOS, that make the first boot device as removable disk and  your USB must be 2.0 version or above.And then restart your system.And then you can move forward to use the operating system in flash drive.
Step 1 :
  When the boot menu appears select the "RUN ubuntu from USB"
Step 2:
 And then it prompts to the opening of Ubuntu and from here you can access the your system resources such as internet and so on.

   While using the above trick you can just use the linux operating system you cant save anythings once the system gets restarted all the
the memory will be erased.So be carefull in saving the data.

So without installing the operating system in the laptop you can use cross operating system.Have Fun and enjoy

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