Monday, March 7, 2011

Networking Basics

This is introduced when one or more network is grouped together to form a larger network (or) two networks communicates or shares the data’s with each other then the term networking comes in. The network can be classified according to the size and specifications. The network within the site is Local Area Network (LAN) or if the network connects two different locations are called Wide area network (WAN).

The basic network consist of
1. Routers
2. Switches
3. Firewalls
4. Servers
5. Users

                            In this when the routers and switches come into the picture then the LAN and WAN technologies involves. The networking can be classified as voice networks and data networks. The voice networks can handle both data and voice. In the voice network the IP phone will be deployed on the desk and from the POE switch the power will be supplied to the IP phones and from the pc port in the IP phone the PC will be connected but in case of data networks directly from the switch PC will be connected.The intra network communication will be done by using the LAN and the inter network connection will be done by using the WAN.The WAN connection may be done by using virtual private network(VPN) or else by using the dedicated link.

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