Saturday, September 10, 2011

Free tools to recover from Viruses

                   Most of us are scared about the virus in our PC because these are very dangerous threat to our data once we got affected by very high potential  virus  like exe, Trojan and auto run .If you are getting scared of these viruses  don’t worry after reading this article you will not have such a mind set. So lets have look into to that very dangerous exe virus in this post.EXE virus these the nothing but the executable files which executes the malicious program which has been tagged to it. So this will delete the files or else Interrupt our work. So it very dangerous types of virus the best anti-virus for this is kaspersky. And sometimes when your pc is getting affected with these kinds of Viruses you can’t even install this anti-virus. So this is very crucial situation.

How to recover from this virus.
Only solution is that we have to delete that file we will   try to delete that files but we unable to delete that, why because the service associated with that file will be running so we can’t delete. So next step we will be we will be opening the task manager and then we will delete it. Again we unable to delete that service it will report as access denied and sometimes it will be deleted but it will again started. So what we have to do. I faced this kind of crucial situation I can’t format my system so after some research I got some tools which helped to me. Here I would share them by this it will be helpful who faces this kind of situation like me. And only thing these two are freeware tools.

techiesniffer_virus revomal tools_hijackthis_taskmanager fix_removevirus_tools to remove virus

Task manager fix

    If you got the task manager  disabled then you can use this tool by this you can use can fix your task manager

Hijack this

  This is the very best tool which is used to stop or delete the hidden exe which will run in our system only thing it will show all the exe run in our system in this only thing is we have to choose which one want to delete so think twice before deleting the exe. once you stopped the EXE service again it will not be started automatically.

Note : Sometime if your PC gets affected by very critical and dangerous virus then you may face the problem like you cant install this so that time you  use the step which will not to install just to run if this doesn’t work then have to go to the safe mode and you can run this, it will surely work. In this you have a log for your system state and you can save this for future purpose.

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