Monday, July 26, 2010

How to install windows application in linux

The linux kernel is different from the windows kernal so the windows application cannot be installed in the linux.So if you want to install the windows application we can use the crossover professional.Steps to installing the crossover professional.

once you have downloaded the crossover professional and go to the terminal and enter the following command in the terminal.
$ sh
install crossover pro
after that the window will then press ok on the below window
license agreements
once you click the ok then the below window will appearand select the desired
path and install the software and continue the installation
install global options
After that the installation wil be completed.After that register the crossover
by the following steps
ubuntu register unlock demo
then the below window wil be appeared and press ok and then the crossover wil be upgrade to the latest version
upgrade successful
Using CrossOver Professional
Now, we’ll see how to install Windows software using Linux CrossOver Pro. Start the installation by clicking Applications->CrossOver->Install Windows Software.
install windows software
after installing the software That’s it, you have finished installing the application! You can launch by going to Applications-> Windows Applications-> Xvid Converter-> Xvid Converter.
xvid converter start
after that we can use the windows applications in the linux environment.

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Indira said...
September 9, 2010 at 9:20 PM

its really working good..........

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