Saturday, September 10, 2011

Safe mode - Error free console

Some of you would have heard this word safe mode, If you don’t know safe mode this article would help you to know better. This is the console like thing for you operating system. Lets consider the scenario you have installed one software and its working fine and time later you faced some problem like you pc get hanged and it is occurring often so you want to find why this occurs. In this it’s very difficult to find the root cause for this problem so in this we don’t have any other option to check whether this problem has been occurred regarding that software so in this case we are only one way to find the solution is the safe mode.

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The safe mode is the kernel or else another entry point for getting into the operating system. So the specialty this mode is no windows drivers and other media drivers will work and in this mode the operating system will run only with the very important files which is minimum enough to run the operating system. So I think the answer is very clear for the above scenario so if you don’t face any issue in your safe mode then you can confirm the problem is due to the new installed software or new application. Incase if you face any issues in safe you can move forward with the event viewer logs.

To go the safe mode

1. Power on your system
2. As soon as its getting booted press F9 to enter to the safe mode menu
3. In this you can select weather the last known good configuration or else with the safe mode.

Note: The last known good configuration is the setting save by the system by this it will restore from it memory. This will work better when there is a unexpected power shutdown so at that time some dll files may corrupted. So by this we can repair very small problems.

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