Monday, August 1, 2011

Cloud - For Bloggers.

              Cloud computing is the technology and by this we can have the indudivial server in the internet and we can access the server from anywhere (ie) it will have its unique public IP address. In this cloud server you will be having the dedicated operating system and the software’s needed according user requirement. In this we can have the operating systems of our won such as windows and Linux platforms. If you want to have the windows platform you have to buy the license for each one but in case of Linux platform you don’t bother about those things. So by using this cloud server we can host and manage your website of our own and we don’t need to worry about the disk space and performance.


              If you having the multiple websites and domains of your own so without cloud you need to buy the web space for every websites and have to worry about the space and it will be little expensive. So for this case you can go for cloud hosting by using this you can host multiple website using the single cloud and you need to worry about the performance why because in the cloud computing every server will be combined with two or more server to form the Virtual environment .So you don’t need worry about the performance and disk space and incase of failure there will be the failover cluster so by this you can access your site without downtime.

Since the cloud server is the part of virtual server so by this they can handle heavy traffic compared to other hosting servers. And in this cloud servers can be switched on and off very easily. So there are many service providers who are providing the cloud server in the market. Such as


This cloud hosting can be named as clustered hosting in this you will pay only for the resources you have been utilized and in this you can enhance your hardware and software components without downtime.

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