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How to make a Flash drive bootable

         Few months back i have faced the problem that my  OS has crashed at that time i dont have the os CD in my pouch too but i had it in the removable (ie)not the bootable one.So i suffered the lot due to this and after I bought the CD and then I installed the OS in my laptop at that time a question raised in me, why dont we can use our pendrive and load the OS i tried the lot to so do my it gave the failure in this after some tech forums guide me in this in this i am sharing my experience of making our pendrive the bootable one and by this we can load the operating system by using this.

Why can't in the Pendrive
  The pendrive is the removabe media so by this we can use this for carring the data ,so what i think to do is copy the files from the OS cd and paste in the pendrive and do the installation it does'nt work. so for this we can do certain procedure by this you can do this easily.

Make pendrive bootable.

There is a freeware named make pendrive bootable you can download form the below link
Download.This will help you to make your pendrive as the bootable device.So this aplication
will install some bootable files to ensure that your removable device will also acts as the
bootable device.So after downloading the freeware connect your USB drive to your PC and
then execute the exe in your PC.After that the below window will appear in that select your
pendrive and click the button make bootable(Note : while doing this make sure that your pendrive may not be diconnected).And copy all the files from your OS cd and paste it in the USB drive.

After doing the above one your flash drive is now a bootable one.So after that you have do some changes in the bios settings.First restart your pc and go to the bios setup

.In this select the primary boot device (or) boot device as USB. Once you have done this change reboot your system and load the OS from your pendrive itself.


This make bootable will successfully on windows XP,98 and ME.

And before doing your flash drive bootable once make sure that your pendrive is not in FAT32 and NTFS file format because this make bootable will not support those file system so before going to proceed change your pendrive to the FAT(link) file system.

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