Saturday, December 10, 2011

Trick to Block the Websites withoutThird party softwares

             Most of you have came across the software which blocks the websites in your office or else in the restricted environment.For doing this there are more third party softwares available in the market most of them are paid and very few are free wares but when we move for free wares these will be less effective than paid ones.So most of them will prefer the paid one.In the very small company or in the home its very difficult to invest money in the paid one in this kind of situation we can make use of  the windows inbuilt restriction. Actually there is no any such kind of facility provided by Microsoft but we are using this as a trick.This can be done by modifying the Host file

How it works
          It is system file by editing this we can retrict the sites which is be to negleted.The information behind this is for example when you are browing the web page first it will search in the host file for the IP of the website if it not found then it will directly refer the DNS server so by this if we are going to provide some false IP for the website so the webpage cannot be diaplayed.So by this we can restrict what ever sites we want without any third party or freeware softwares. So lets see how to do this trick

1.Start ->run -> drivers and select etc and click on the host file

2.Or else Goto the the location c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc

3.Open the file with a notepad and append the file below the  local host

4.Add the IP of your wish and the leave a space and the web address for example you want to restrict the orkut website means

5.Now the given webpage in the host file cannot be accessed.

Note:To edit the host file you need the admin right of the local system.

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