Sunday, August 21, 2011

3 Simple ways to Secure your password

          Password is the one of the most important now a days,because all the things are globalized now-a-days and by this we are using via the internet.So for this we need the authentication to access our resources because in internet all are having the own resources so we are using the username and password for accessing our resources.So now-a-days passwords are very important.So its our duty to safegaurd them from un authorized access.So you should be carefull and you should not share to anyone.

3 ways to Secure your password

Dont use the names and well known passwords
                Dont use the name as your password like "arun" "ashok" and dont keep the common passwords as "password" and "password123" and try to use the alpha numeric and if u wish to keep the name as our password see this may help you to not forget for this you can keep "p@$$word" instead of password so it would be difficult to track.

Dont use same password
               For example you are having more than one account dont use the same password for all the thing,because if a person or hacker would found your password for one account he can access all your accounts so have the pool of passwords and use that from the pool so by this your password will be in memory and accordingly if anyone found one account password he may not access the all.
Dont keep the open minded security question
                This is the very crucial part because when tries to opne our accout he will use default passwords so his next move will be answering your security question.Say if the person is your old friend so he may know answer for certain question like "your nick name" "your birth place" and "your fathers name" so dont use such kind of question select question like "your favourite place" and "your mothers birth palce" by this we can secure by answering the recovery question.
Note : Try to use the alpha numeric password for best practices so this would help you from "brute force attack" and some other attacks.
Quote : "Passwords are like your tooth brush so dont share with anyone".

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