Friday, August 19, 2011

Virtualization -Emerging technology Ahead

                    Virtualization is the platform which founded to minimize the component and maintanance cost without loosing the performance.In virtualization the physical machine is divided into muliple logical partions and each component will act as a indudival machine.This is the emerging technology in the current IT trend , now most of the datacentres and servers are virtualized.In virtualization the host operating system will be installed and in this the vitual machine will be created and each of them will be used as a indudival server.

Why Virtualization:
         Lets consider one example you want to deploy one corporate environment for this you are in need for 5 servers.So you will be purchasing the 5 servers from vendor and the in this you dont need the space of those server.So in such case You can buy 2 servers one is for production and other for fail-over cluster.In main server you just install the host operating system such as (VMWARE or HyperV).In that create the instance for 5 virtual machines and you can make the each virtual machine as an individual server.So by this we can reduce the number of servers and cost of servers and space too.
Types of vitualization.
1.Hardware Virtualization
2.Application Virtualization
3.Desktop Virtualization
4.Storage Virtualization

  Virtualization can be done with the help of two giant one is Hyper V it is the product
of Microsoft and other is VM ware is the separate product.The Hyper V is the new technology which
is used only in Windows server 2008.

Virtualization - The Best practice
   By this virtualization we can minimize the product cost and we can obtain the maximum
utilization of the resources in the efficient manner.

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