Sunday, August 21, 2011

How to backup your facebook data

         The most used social media in today's trend is facebook.So there are more Eavesdroppers(hackers) here, so that its our responsibity to safegaurd our accounts from them by keeping the secure password and not only by this, If it has been hacked and we can recover that so that the backup paramater is necessary so its very necessary to keep our social media account there are tools to take backup apart from this we can use the default backup option which was provided by the facebook itself.So by this we can have a backup of our account in our laptop itself.So lets see how to backup out facebook account and its settings.

Step 1

   Click on the Account and click account settings

Step 2

At the end of this there will be the option download a copy of facebook.

Step 3
Select the option start the archive.

And select the path where you want to save.And by this you can have a copy of an facebook account settings to your local drive.

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