Sunday, August 21, 2011

Change the google image to your own

       Some of you have fed up with the home page which appears in the google or else with word which appears in the search engine of google.If you want to  replace that things and you want to add any coolest thing that you wish dont worry there is a cool way to do such things.This can be done with the little addon and it takes hardly 5 minutes to change that.So lets see how we can do that


1.First Insall the addon named greasemonkey and this add on will avalaible for Internet explorer,firefox and chrome.

2.After the installation select the scripting and restart the brower and now the addon has been installed.

3.And open the google and double click on the google logo it wil prompt you the text and the color for  the  text.

4.Now you can give the text in the text box you can specify the colors you want to show u r fonts.

5.And finally click on change.

By this you can change the text of google to u r desired text.

Note: You have to download the scipts for the add once it gets installed in the brower.

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