Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Validate the status of PORT

To find status of port:
How to find the port status of the particular machine or a server wheather the port is open or not.It can be determined by using the third party software but with the third party software,but the question is how to find the status the port withour third party softwawre the answer for this question is obviouly yes.Without the third party installation we can find the port status of the particular machine by using the network protocol called telent.It is the protocol which is used to create a virual terminal connection in network.

The port number for this protocol is 23.Lets see how to find the port status
go to the particular machine open the command line.And type the fallowing command

telnet (machine ip) portno

In the above code the machine ip give the ip address of the machine which you want to find the port status and give the port number you want to find.

After executing this suddenly the comman prompt with fullof back will appear it seems that the port is open or else the error will appear it shows the port is in closed state.

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