Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Cisco Security Certification

FEB 02: Cisco introduces the new security specialist ceritification according to the survey there will be more demand for security specialist in next five years so the leaderin the industry cisco introduces the new security certification to meet the industry needs.And now there is no longer and for this Cisco introduces CCNP security

These certification includes assesments on critical products.The specialization

Cisco firewall security specialist
This specilazation makes the professional to design and implement the security
appliances by using the cisco adaptive solution and as well as zone based firewall
Cisco IOS security specialist
This specilazation makes the professional to built the security in the IOS of routers and switches.
Cisco VPN security specialist
This specialization makes the professional to configure,maintain and troubleshoot the
VPN using the cisco ASA adaptive appliances.
Apart from the new cisco releases there are also other certification for the
professionals in security includes
Cisco IPS Specialist
Cisco NAC Specialist
Cisco ASA Specialist

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