Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Features of Windows server 2008

Special Features of Windows server 2008
I am really excited to write this topic because, I am fond of computers,servers and this makes to learn windows server 2008 and to write this topic.Windows server 2008 is the one of the best operating system that Microsoft ever
released and this OS include many features although its having many since it's market
is no good.
Let me shoot out some of them by this it can be famous in future.This includes

Core Server compatibility

This is the server mode by which you can operate your server in command mode.
Only thing is you should be good in commands

Windows Virtualization

IN older version of Microsoft for virtualization we have to go for the third party
vendors like Vmware or citrix but in windows 2008 there is a inbuilt package for
virtualization named as Hyperv.

Rich enabled Terminal services

Windows 2008 includes the richer terminal services by this you can make the parallel
session but in 2003 you have to purchase the license for each session but in 2008
basically you can have 4 parallel sessions.

WHEA- (windows hardware error architecture)

It is one of the best feature by this the hardware error can be reported by using
the single interface and with output of that interface we can detect the problems.

Power shell

This feature is for the user who is master in scripting by this you can develop the
features by kernel level coding. This feature is similar as shell scripting in Linux.

And not only the above listed features in server 2008 and also it contains more
features like remote desktop administration and this makes the administrator more
comfortable in administration. Now Microsoft has released Windows server 2008 R2 it
is more reliable than earlier version 2008 and these versions of server are
compactable with IPV6 ip address.

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