Saturday, March 5, 2011

How to add the BLOG in Google Webmaster

Google is one of the most popular search engine in the world and this allows us to track our website for free of cost only thing is you should have the gmail account.By this time definitely a question will arise why we submit our website to the Google webmaster,the answer for this is more traffic will come these search engines so if we add our website in this we can get more amount of traffic to our website and more people will notice our website and this webmaster we can get the more details such as the information of the person who viewed out website and as well as the traffic status and SEO rank for our website.Lets see how we can submit our website or blog to google web master.

1.First log on to Google Analytics and sign in or if you are the new user then create the gmail account.
2.Click on the add new profile.
3.Give the website name(blog name) and details relevant to the blog.
4.And click Get code and copy that code.
5.And login to your blog and select design tab and click on edit HTML and select the check box expand widget templates.
6.Paste the code before the tag.
7.And if you login again to the webmaster you will fine the status as Green mark this show you have submitted the blog successfully to the webmaster tools.

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