Friday, September 10, 2010

why linux servers are mostly used than windows servers

Now-a-days the linux servers are mostly used than the windows servers as the market grows rapidly the linux servers are mostly used, this can be studies by the following news whereas the shipment of the windows server incresed upto 28% and the linux server shipment has gone from 30.3% to 1.8 billion and in the overall revenew in the server side is done by linux servers only and its contribution is 16.8%.
Due to the following reasons the linux servers are more perfered than the windows servers

1.The first thing that the linux servers are more reliable by this functionality it can run upto many years without crashing and inface linux servers had never seen a crash.And it can work and can handle more clients than the windows servers.And the downtime is lower in case of linux servers and thats why the restart is not necessary and incase of windows servers the defragmentaion should be done and this is not done in the linux servers so that the stablity of the linux server is more than the windows servers
2.And the major adcantage in case of the linux servers are the centralized administrations since it built based on the unix these servers are more seure than the windows servers.
3.Since the linux is the open source there is no restriction in this servers so that these servers provide more freedom choosing the package than the windows servers
4.And the main thing is the linux operating systems and the softwares used are cost free and in case of the corporate versions it will be more cheapers than the windows server softwares and operating systems
5.In case of the Windows servers there shouls be the frequent update in the hardware components due the expansion of the resources but in the case of the linux servers there is no updation in the harware utlities nad the linux servers can be reconfigured easily than the windows servers.

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