Thursday, September 9, 2010

Get Missed calls in Google voice As the E-mail Notification

Google now launches the new facility of getting the missed calls in google voice will be received as the e mail notications.For this google intregates the new phone call facility in the google voice and as well as gmail.In earlier if you recieved any calls via google voice, if not answered will be missed but now it i s very simple you need not be there with you phone, if u got any missed call means then it will be send as email notications or else you will get this missed alert in your google voice or both.And if you linked your google voice to any of your phone
means then it will be displayed as well.If somebody feels that they dont need this email notication facility means they can disable that facility.And the new facility is also launched with this the invited users in google voice will be heard that "we are Listening"will be heard by the users.
This Facility in the google became very popular because more than 10 million phone calls were made in a week and in that more than 1 million calls were made on the first day of the launch ex-specially in Gmail this show that this facility is more comfortable for more end users and this shows user can take any change as soon as possible.

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