Sunday, August 8, 2010

Analytical survey of books released

The question is that how many books were released in the world wide till now the answer will be very difficult to figure out but the answer was given approximatly by google as129,846,880.The software engineer leonoid explained how difficult in counting the books but the google the derived the no of algorithm to find the duplicate books and it is one of the tuffest job too. And and it uses the similar as that of the ISBN but the only problem it is been nearly around fourty years and it is follwed by certain of the countries only so complexity occurs and finaly google techinicians play the role and found out numerous meta data and finnaly they eliminated the duplicat copies and finally it analyed that 210 billion books are unique in this there is no duplication and then it reduced many microforms and audio recording and finally it found out the 146 billion are unique and finally google removed the 16 billion copies of government documents and finnaly they announced the result and the thing is that day to day more and more book are released so the comapany should count the books continously and thing is that the data is not accurate since the figure is quite low but the project is still going in progress.

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