Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Orkut Integrates security in Srapbook

The-usage of social websites in india grow upto 43% from july 2009 to july 2010 and more than 33million of people in india are using the social websitesThats 84% of the total internet users in the country.So to attract users orkut integrates the new security options in scrapbook.And by this orkut officially enabled the security and also by this you can send the scraps to the multiple friends and also you can set the security to each scraps by setting visible option as to friends and private and public.

And in the new version of the orkut there are more features are also availabe as promotion since it has launced before an year but the new page for promotions is available so now is very easier to create an prmotion and by this your friends also can promote any of our promotions and by this how many promoted your promotions and how many of them trashed your promotions can be viewed.This promotions can be done by goto applications and this there will be option promote and in this you can promote any of your wishes.And why are you wating for just switch over to the new orkut and spread the messages to your world.

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