Thursday, July 22, 2010

VLAN Concepts

A VLAN is a grouping of computers that is logically segmented by functions, project teams, or applications without regard to the physical location of users.To create the segements by VLAN the each switch port is to assigned to the VLAN.In this VLAN the port wil be share the traffic within the same broadcast domain.This segmentation wil used to increse the permormance and security.VLANs provide an effective mechanism to control these changes and reduce much of the cost of hub and router reconfiguration. If a group of VLAN users move but remain in the same VLAN connected to a switch port, their network addresses do not change. Router configuration is left intact; a simple move for a user from one location to another does not create any configuration changes in the router if the user stays in the same VLAN.Similar to routers, VLANs offer an effective mechanism for setting up firewalls in a switch fabric, protecting the network against broadcast problems that are potentially dangerous, and maintaining all the performance benefits of switching.

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