Friday, July 23, 2010

ABBY fine reader 10

ABBY is one of the best and top leading document recognition and data capture in the world.This reader is to convert the word to pdf formats and similarly it also acts as OCR software.this version provide more flexibility to convert the data and to pdf formats.This version is more accurate wheather if there a documents contains the data or spreadsheets or table or images or scanned contents with more accuratly and effectively than the other reader.
The new interface of this reader provides the results with more accuracy in the single click itself.This reader is the more compatable for smaller organizations and as well as bigger one too.This reader is more compatable with windows xp,windows vista and as well as windows7(both 32 and 64 bit).
The features of this version are
1.It integares the second generation OCR recognation
2.The OCR is specially degined for both handwritten and as well as printed documents.
3.The power PDF conversion as well as compression.
4.It integrates third generation ocr by this it can recognise the pictures of the mobile phones too.
5.It support nearly 180 languages including korean and yeddish
6.also it facilitates printing directly from the fine reader.

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