Saturday, July 31, 2010

Linux Commands

Command Description

  1. apropos whatis --- Show commands persistance to string.
  2. man -t man | ps2pdf - > man.pdf --- make a pdf of a manual page which command Show full path name of command time command See how long a command takes
  3. time cat --- Start stopwatch. Ctrl-d to stop.
Directory navigation
  1. cd- --- Go to previous directory
  2. cd --- Go to $HOME directory (cd dir & command) Go to dir, execute command and return to current directory.
  3. pushd --- Put current dir on stack so you can popd back to it file searching
Searching a File
  1. alias l='ls -l --color=auto' --- quick directory listing
  2. ls -lrt --- List files by date. See also newest and find_mm_yyyy
  3. ls /usr/bin | pr -T9 -W$COLUMNS --- Print in 9 columns to width of terminal
  4. find -type f ! -perm -444 --- Find files not readable by all (useful for web site)
  5. find -type d ! -perm -111 --- Find dirs not accessible by all (useful for web site)
  6. locate -r 'file[^/]*\.txt' --- Search cached index for names. This re is like glob *file*.txt
  7. look reference --- Quickly search (sorted) dictionary for prefix
  8. grep --color reference /usr/share/dict/words --- Highlight occurances of regular expression in dictionary

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