Monday, March 14, 2011

How to enable remote desktop

                                   This is one of the coolest way to use the far computer or server in the network by using the remote desktop connection. This is feature which is inbuilt in the Windows XP version and also in servers. By this facility you can take the remote desktop without using any third party tools. To avail this first this is you have to activate the remote desktop connection in the system.
How to enable the remote desktop.


1.Right click on the My computer and go to properties and click on the remote tab.
2. In the remote assistance segment Check the option allow the remote assistance invitation to be sent from this computer.
3. And in the advanced tab select the time period.

4.In the remote desktop segment check the allow users to connect remotely to this computer and if you want to specify the users to access your computer via remote desktop select the users in the select remote users tab.
Note: Before activating the remote desktop connection disable the windows firewall(advice able).
If you cant able to take the remote session after enabling the remote desktop you should check where the remote desktop port status 3389 is open or not. Because mostly the port will close for security reasons.
If you are using the Broadband at your home if you want to remotely access your system by this you can’t able to take the remote desktop by this you have to use the third party software’s like.

1.Team Viewer.
3.Cisco WebEx

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