Thursday, July 22, 2010

The new version of Facebook Is to be released

Facebook is growing rapidly in countries like Japan, Korea, Russia, Brazil, India, Germany, Poland, and the Netherlands .accordind to the survey the most used social website is the facebook in worlwide.More than one billion users are in facebook according to the survey.
Facebook had announced the official alpha release that is full release by using the c# sdk.By this development the facebook is going to meet all the needs of the extreme users.
There features in this sdk :
By this version Works with both Web (ASP.NET) and desktop applications.
Uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication and security.
Supports a convenient way of making calls to the new Graph Application user interface using the OAuth 2.0 .
The most notable point is that the C# is the primary platfrom for the upcoming windows 7 operaring system.And the thing is that the facebook can work well in iphone so the alpha release is going to be the boon to all facebook lovers.
And the open source of this facebook is released we can dowload and we can give the feedback to the microsoft corporation.

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