Monday, July 26, 2010

How to install softwares in the linux

Red hat is the basic for the mandiva and fedora.In linux the software package wil be come in the operating system itself and apart from that you can install it from the internet and well as from the media and also from the storable media and it can be installed from the command line also.

The linux software packages wil come with the bundle named as repros.
Follow the below steps to install software in the linux operatins system.
Step 1:
open the shell or terminal
Step 2:
Type the root password in the password dialog box.
Step 3:
To update the package software list type the command yum check-date
Step 4:
type yum install "program name"
for example if u want to install the dillo browset then type yum install dillo
Step 5:
Then press Y for conforming the installation
then the installation process will be completed.

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